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Hi, and thanks for visiting. As of Sept 2014, I am pursuing my Masters in Chinese Medicine, and am taking a break from my massage practice. I will update this page when I have returned to my practice. Be well! 


puraN pdX: what you can expect

when envisioning what i wanted my practice to look like, i started to really think about what it meant to be a massage therapist.  in a city where there are so many licensed massage therapists, i wanted to make this space a reflection of me; of my belief in the healing powers of massage therapy, in whole living, in community, and in taking an active role in your health and well being.  puran (pure-ahn) means "whole body sense" in sanskrit, and really embodies how i perceive massage.

i am fascinated by the structure and function of the human body, and how it wants to heal.  i have an extremely strong passion for health and well being, and for helping and supporting people on their journey toward "whole body sense."  if we listen, our muscles and joints have a lot to say; it is my job to help understand what it is they are telling us.

my sessions tend to be a unique blend of therapeutic treatments which help to relax and balance the body.  depending on the person and their needs, the session may consist of a combination of varying techniques; integrating a mix of thai massage, deep tissue, movement therapies, and fascial release.  in addition, cupping and gua-sha may become a part of the treatment, which are ancient chinese techniques that help to restore muscle function among many other amazing things.  while i tend to have a specific focus of balancing the body, how that happens can manifest through a blend of one or many different therapies.  one thing is certain; in each session, you can expect consistency, and an intention to make you feel more balanced.  whether you are looking for massage that embodies pain management, relaxation, an escape from the hectic stressful world, or for specific therapeutic work, it is my intention to provide you with the best therapies possible.  to read more about the types of techniques i regularly incorporate into my practice, please check out the "my styles" section of the website.

thanks for visiting, and i look forward to working with you!

be well!